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Why And why now?

On the 9th anniversary of Adam Goldstein's passing, I was blown away by how many pictures, tributes & stories about Adam's life were shared and posted on social media. It became clear to me that many, many people are still massively inspired & affected by the life that he lived. What was also clear to me was that there isn't ONE place that fans, friends and DJ's can go to get inspired, reminisce, get educated, connect, listen to his talent, share stories and interact with one another.

Enter, a 100% not for profit website (we won't be selling any merch so please don't ask!) that will aim to be that ONE place where fans & friends of DJ AM can go to view, learn, listen, connect and share.

Eventually, I hope to incorporate the ability to make charitable donations on Adam's behalf as well as continue to post updates & previously unreleased material to further inspire those that are interested in AM's remarkable life. Now it's up to all of you to create an account, comment on posts, share stories, be active on the forum and breathe life into this website to ensure that DJ AM lives on to inspire & help others in need...

Ahh yeah!

Kevin Scott

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