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The Life & Time$ of DJ AM

Documentary | 1hr 49min | 2016

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AS I AM covers the late, great mash-up pioneer's entire life from seed to sorrow. His meteoric rise made him the first million-dollar DJ in the world, but alongside his artistic success was a tumultuous personal life: addiction, tabloid romances, and personal tragedy. Featuring contemporaries such as A-Trak, Mark Ronson, and Diplo, this is the tale of a man who changed the landscape of music. With music by Daft Punk, Justice, Outkast, Elton John, The Doors, The Ramones, Blondie, Black Sabbath, Talking Heads, The Outfield, Fischerspooner, Zoë Keating, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Gang Starr, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, and many other artists.


To purchase & watch the original version of AS I AM or the BRAND NEW extended director's cut plus bonus features, please visit:


As I AM Trailer

As I AM Trailer

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