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To preserve DJ AM’s mixes as one archive, DJ AM Lives uses Mixcloud, a format that is 100% legal and benefits the artists that Adam spun in his sets. The DJ AM Lives Mixcloud page is up to an incredible 48 streamable mixes! As the archive has grown, there have been a number of requests for offline listening & unrestricted playback of these mixes. For these reasons, we have made the DJ AM Lives page a “Mixcloud Select” page. This means that for a minimal monthly fee, you can have the features that have been requested and, at the same time, support the artists that Adam spun in his sets. If you prefer not to subscribe that’s fine as well, nothing will change from the current model as AM’s mixes will always be available on the Mixcloud platform to stream for free. For more info on the DJ AM Mixcloud Select subscriber benefits:

Live Club Mixes

Live Club Mixes.jpg

Elton & Eclectic Mixes

Elton Eclectic Mixes.png

Banana Split Mixes

Banana Split Mixes.jpg


TRVSDJ-AM Mixes.jpg

DJ AM & DJ Jazzy Jeff Mixes

DJ AM & DJ Jazzy Jeff Mixes.jpg

Studio Mixes

Studio Mixes.JPG

Mixes on Vinyl (Pre-Serato)

Mixes on Vinyl Records.jpeg
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