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Unreleased Mix #4: Live at Banana Split (7-26-2009)

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

To correspond with our Thee Mike B. interview which deep dives into the history & legacy of Banana Split Sundaes at LAX, we are releasing another previously unreleased AM Banana Split Mix! This mix is from July 26th, 2009 after Banana Split had moved from LAX to Bardot. Mike believes this might be the last time AM ever performed at Banana Split as this event was almost exactly one month before he passed away. From Mike B's archives, here is the original flyer for that night which featured special guests Riton & James Pants:


This DJ AM Banana Split previously unreleased mix is much less ravey than the other mixes that have been posted and shows a bit more range of styles. Clocking in at 43 minutes, the mix starts off with classic 90s hip hop, goes into some indie, 80s and funk then ends with some classic indie dance. It's sloppy, even by AM standards, but ultimately another good example of how wide open things were at Banana Split and how AM used it as a safe place to play music he loved.



1) Freestyle Fellowship "Shammy's"

2) Tribe Called Quest "Oh My God" (Remix)

3) Gang Starr "Mass Appeal"

4) Black Moon "Buck Em Down"

5) Lords of the Underground "Funky Child"

6) The Alkaholiks "Daaam!"

7) Beatnuts "Watch Out Now"

8) Slick Rick "Children's Story"

9) Cypress Hill "How I Could Just Kill A Man"

10) Funkdoobiest "The Funkiest"

11) Volume 10 "Pump"

12) ???

13) Roman Salzger "Alpha Centauri"

14) Pointer Sisters "Automatic"

15) Starpoint "Object of My Desire"

16) Starpoint vs. Outkast "Roses of Desire" (Kevin Scott Blend)

17) Parliament "Flashlight"

18) TEPR "Minuit Jacuzzi"

19) DJ DLG "Paramount" (Rogerseventytwo Remix)

20) Eli Escobar "Juicy"

21) Lifelike "Discomachine"

22) Stylophonic "Dancefloor"

23) ???

24) Shazam "Pool Party 2009" (Headman's Revolver Mix)

25) Le Le "Breakfast" (Mercury Remix)

26) Empire of the Sun "Walking On A Dream"

27) Jape "Floating" (D.I.M. Remix)

28) Bag Raiders "Shooting Stars"

29) Cut Copy "Far Away"

30) Duck Sauce "Anyway"

31) Damn Arms "Destination" (DCup Remix)

32) Van She "Sexual City" (Vemixed)

33) Toecutter "Best Party Ever"

34) Deaf'N Dumb Crew "Tonight"

If you know the titles listed "???" please leave in the comments and I will update the tracklisting. Thx!


For more Banana Split mixes, check out the Banana Split Sundaes Soundcloud page which is maintained by Mike B. and hosts mixes not just from AM but from other artists that played there including Scottie B, Busy P., DJ Falcon, MSTRKRFT and more:


Tap below to follow the DJ AM Lives Mixcloud page, which is now up to an incredible 43 streamable AM mixes! You can stream on the go with the Mixcloud app available in the iOS & Android stores. In addition, you can also opt to subscribe to the DJ AM Lives Mixcloud Select page for a low fee to gain unrestricted playback of his mixes as well as offline listening. This small fee (set to the smallest they allow) goes almost entirely to the copyright holders and the Mixcloud platform. Your support helps keep his mixes 100% legal while giving you more flexibility in how you listen.

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Dec 30, 2019

Thanks @DrewF! I got those updated in the post.


Dec 30, 2019

13- Roman Salzger- Alpha Centauri

19- DJ DLG - Paramount (Rogerseventytwo Remix)

Nice post!


joseph vaysman
joseph vaysman
Nov 19, 2019

I think 19/20 might be

Agitate - Elodie Lauten

David May- Superstar


Nov 18, 2019

Updated with #24, thanks @Michael Mantas !


Michael Mantas
Michael Mantas
Nov 18, 2019

#24 🙌🏼

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