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It's the 10 year anniversary of TRV$DJ-AM at Coachella!

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

When Coachella weekend one kicks off in mid-April 2019 it will mark the 10 year anniversary of DJ AM & Travis Barker's appearance in the Sahara tent at Coachella as TRV$DJ-AM. They had the sunset set from 7:20-8:20pm on a beautiful warm Saturday evening. TRV$DJ-AM were slotted between The Bloody Beetroots & Crookers. Here is the full lineup that day in the Sahara tent:

The 7:20-8:20pm sunset time slot... in good company. Photo by @JoyTheG.

AM & Travis kicking it backstage pre-show:

By the time their set kicked off at 7:20pm, they had the infamous Sahara tent completely packed... and as soon as they started, that sh%t immediately went off!!!

Daft Hands

As the set progressed and afternoon turned to night, they brought out west coast hip hop legend Warren G. to perform the 90s classic jam "Regulate"! This was before special guests were the thing to do... here's a pre-show pic of the three of them:

And here is another of Warren G. during the performance with AM in the background letting everyone know what they should be looking at:

Here are some additional pics from this legendary crowd pleasing set from Coachella 2009 that really helps put the event in perspective:


You can listen to the entire TRV$DJ-AM set from Coachella 2009 below:

If you aren't already, follow the DJ AM Lives Mixcloud page for more DJ AM mixes that you can stream on the go from your phone with their mobile app! Click below to follow:


You can also watch video of the entire TRV$DJ-AM Coachella 2009 performance JUST UPLOADED (4/18/22) to the DJ AM Lives YouTube page:


For reference, below is the original Coachella 2009 lineup poster. These were the days that you could buy a single day ticket instead of just the whole weekend.


Were YOU at this show at Coachella 2009? Or at any of the TRVSDJ-AM shows? Post your memories and stories below!

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