DJ AM - Live at Avenue (July 9th, 2008 / Previously Unreleased Video)

In the summer of 2008, DJ AM was a vital part of the bloghaus and indie electronic scenes with some of his travel gigs but especially with his own club promotion, "Banana Split" with Steve Aoki, Thee Mike B. at LAX nightclub in Hollywood. That legendary weekly party spawned many imitators and ushered in the whole new era of electronic music that followed. It had some of the biggest guests in music including the likes of Lady Gaga, Questlove, Kid Cudi, LMFAO, The Black Eyed Peas and many others.

In addition to Banana Split, Adam would occasionally play gigs of his favorite styles of music, like electro, at venues where his homies were playing. This previously unreleased video is one such instance of that. This is AM playing rave music about an hour and a half from his home in Los Angeles at Sevilla Nightclub in Riverside, California on a warm summer night in July of 2008. Here is the original flyer for the event which he played for free:

Recently, Thee Mike B. discovered a burned DVD copy of AM playing at Avenue in Riverside and, as it turns out, I (Kevin Scott) was the road dog that went with Adam to the gig that day. When Mike was first handed the CD shortly after AM's passing, he was told that it was a video of just his hands and had no audio... so he filed it in a drawer and didn't give much more thought to it. Turns out it was MUCH MORE than that.

After discussing what to do with this new footage, we ultimately decided to do a live stream on Mike B.'s Twitch page on Valentine's Day 2021. It was an awesome success with over 300+ live viewers including many OG DJ legends in the chat sharing memories and taking the opportunity to marvel at Adam in his prime just one more time...

Here is the Twitch stream flyer:

And here are a couple stills from the live broadcast (full video below):


Here is the full replay of our world premiere Twitch viewing party of "DJ AM - Live at Avenue in Riverside, CA on July 9th, 2008" - hope you enjoy!

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