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The Xtina Mixes

On November 19th, 2005 Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman tied the knot in Napa Valley at the Staglin Family Vineyard in a winter wonderland themed affair. People magazine estimated that the wedding cost around 2 million dollars. They served the approximate 150 guests with comfort food: roasted chicken & short ribs with sides of mac n cheese, mashed potatoes and onion rings. Not too shabby...

The chosen DJ for this special evening? Adam Michael Goldstein. If you are a collector or connoisseur of DJ AM's mixes, you may have seen 2 different "Xtina" mixes floating around the internet and wondered "what's the back story with these?" These mixes are direct recordings from AM's laptop from Christina's wedding reception. The Xtina Early Mix was the dinner portion of the evening and the Xtina Main Mix was the dancing part of the evening.

In the "Xtina Early Mix" Adam got to do something that he didn't normally get to do at gigs: play classic, soulful music that he really loved. The dinner time of the wedding gave him the perfect opportunity to do just that. Here is the "Xtina Early Mix" via the DJ AM Lives Mixcloud page:

After the typical wedding festivities were out of the way, it was time to dance. Here is the full 80 minute recording of the "Xtina Main Mix" from the DJ AM Lives Mixcloud page:

What is interesting to note about the "Xtina Main mix" is how similar it kicks off to the infamous Power 106 mix. This is because they were recorded only one month apart from each other and these were some of AM's staple mix routines at the time. The "Xtina Main Mix" is actually very accurate to the prime time sets that Adam was playing in 2005 at clubs like Body English in Las Vegas. It's very "open format" in style, switching genres and decades frequently and expertly. Ultimately, both of those mixes are excellent examples of AM's creativity with commercial pop music at the time.

Sadly, Christina & Jordan divorced in 2011, their relationship lasting about 8 years in total. These mixes from AM, however, remain everlasting and give an interesting glimpse into some of his most classic routines & go-to tracks were during this time period. They also serve as a window into his approach to DJ'ing a fellow celebrity's wedding: stick with what works.

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