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Samantha Ronson & DJ AM - Challah Back With Raisins (2004)

Updated: May 5, 2020

The sequel to the previously posted "Challah" mix from Samantha Ronson & DJ AM is the 2004 "Challah Back With Raisins". They teamed up again for another mix once again hosted by Dame Dash and featuring a wide open format set. Here is a look at the CD artwork:

Perhaps most notable about this set for AM fans was the inclusion of the last track on the mix which is AM's now infamous "ADD Part 1" mix. This short ADD mix was featured in the film "As I AM: The Life & Times of DJ AM" as an example of his ability to take small pieces of songs and create a whole new meaning or track with them using word play. There were two ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) mixes, this one and a second one that Adam had up on his original MySpace page in the mid-2000s. Here are the two Attention Deficit mixes:

Attention Deficit #1:

Attention Deficit #2:

Here is the 2004 full mix Challah Back With Raisins from the DJ AM Lives Mixcloud Page:



Special THANK YOU to DJ Ka5 (IG: @djka5) for sending this mix over to me for archiving!

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Nicholas Moseley
Nicholas Moseley
15 feb 2020

Thought I would never get to hear this! Good looking out!! Thank you 🙏🏻!!

Me gusta
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