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DJ AM T-Mobile Sidekick Skin

From approximately 2004 to 2006, Adam was inseparable from his T-Mobile Sidekick. There were a few things about the Sidekick that made it appealing to so many DJs and general users. The Sidekick screen had a side flip up to it that exposed a full keyboard but flipped down when not in use making it compact enough for a pocket, it had a physical keyboard AND, most of all, it had AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) built into it so you could have your chats on the go (this was a relatively new concept at the time).

AM was always on his Sidekick back then deep in multiple conversations because he was a notoriously fast typer... we are talking 90+ words a minute fast! He worked with T-Mobile doing their special events and parties all the way through his passing in 2009. At the height of the Sidekick craze, he even got with T-Mobile to make his own "DJ AM" Sidekick skin which was basically a sticker you could put on your Sidekick to customize. Check the photos below to see AM in action on his sidekick as well as the limited edition skin he had designed for it:

Eventually technology kept advancing to the point where Adam ditched his Sidekick in favor of a Blackberry Bold. This was his phone of choice all the way until his passing. He never got into iPhone as it was still in it's relatively infant stages at that point (he actually made fun of me for having one!).

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