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DJ AM at The Do-Over in 2008

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

The Do-Over is one of the most legendary LA hip hop parties of all time. It has featured some of the biggest DJs in the hip hop community and was one of the early pioneers of posting full live sets on SoundCloud to make you feel like you were at the party even if you weren't.

The party featured Aloe Blacc on the mic, house party vibes and a who's who of elite talent in the DJ world. The party grew in such popularity that it branched out to other cities and even internationally! You can check out the Do-Over SoundCloud page which has live sets still posted up on their page.

DJ AM played at the Do-Over once and we have that set posted up on the DJ AM Lives Mixcloud page from that June 22nd, 2008 appearance:

In addition to the mix above there are some legendary stories that have been relayed about AM's appearance at The Do-Over by Aloe Blacc, Stretch Armstrong & Mad Skillz among others. Check them out below:

“Every DJ is a pro, and you don’t have to worry about hearing the same thing you hear on the radio 24-7. We don’t even announce what DJs will be there; it’s a complete mystery to the partygoers. They just know it’s going to be off the hook. Like when DJ A.M. played one of the most memorable hip-hop sets I have seen in years. He showed his true L.A. roots.”

“Which was always a kind of interesting thing with AM. He became this celebrity DJ who was able to wow very mainstream crowds with his incredibly skillful manipulation of music from across the pop spectrum. But he also had this background as a hip hop fanatic, as a turntablist really in the underground. And some of the people that knew him as a hip hop DJ weren’t even really tuned into to where he had gone as a celebrity. The time that that was most apparent, and this was a really sort of interesting scene to have witnessed, was at the Do-Over, which was, and still is, you know, an incredible outdoor summer party that for a long time really only took place in Los Angeles on a Sunday. And this was when the Do Over was at its original spot. I forget the name of it. At that point I had done the Do Over a few times and I loved doing the Do Over because you could play anything to a really, really enthusiastic, mostly Black & Latino crowd. There were white people there, but it was a darker audience. And an audience that would not, you know wouldn’t have seen AM on Entourage. Wouldn’t know that AM had dated Nicole Richie. Really wouldn’t know that AM was kind of this pop star or pop star in the making. But there certainly were a lot of people who followed hip hop culture and who may have heard of DJ AM. But for the most part, people at the Do Over on that day didn't really know who AM was. And this was the first time AM dj’ed at the Do Over. So he gets on, no one’s really paying him any mind. And within, you know, within 5 minutes everyone’s looking at him. Within 10 minutes, everyone is kind of freaking out. Within 15 minutes, there is no space between AM, the turntables and the crowd. Everyone has just sort of pushed their way towards him and they have no idea what’s going on… I mean people are wondering who is this guy, what is he doing with these records that we’ve never heard played like this and why don’t we know who he is? It was incredible. And afterwards, I mean people were lining up to give him pounds. I mean people had, you know, smiles from ear to ear. There was there was one woman who asked if he does birthday parties and how much he would cost! That was a good one because I don't think she really understood that, you know, AM was getting 10, 20, $30,000 a night at that point. It was a lot of fun to watch. I mean the set was incredible, but also watching people just sort of trying to figure out what happened and then trying to meet him and sort of get to know the guy. You know, cause it was a very intimate setting. It was a great night. It was crazy.”

DJ AM, Stretch Armstrong & DJ Premier in NYC at the 1 Year Anniversary of Like They Used To Say (Feb 16, 2009)

"I was at Roscoes on Gower eating (visiting LA from VA) we were textin and he said "come outside make a right, make a left at the corner and walk across the street & tell the guy at the door you're with me". I did and the closer I got I heard music. I walked into what I thought was someone's home and he saw me, gave me a pound, started playing the inst. to the Nod Factor and looked at me and said "You gotta keep it real". Shit sounds like a dream but it really happened."


If you have any stories or memories from DJ AM's appearance at the Do-Over, make a comment below!

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