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"As I AM" LA Movie Premiere at the Ace Theater (November 2nd, 2015)

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

The Los Angeles premiere of As I AM: The Life & Time$ of DJ AM took place at the legendary Ace Theater in Downtown LA on November 2nd, 2015. The Ace Theater was director & writer Kevin Kerslake's first (and only) venue choice to have the premiere. It's a stunningly beautiful restored 1920's theater with a grand lobby, a mezzanine and an open balcony. It has a vaulted ceiling with thousands of tiny mirrors that glimmer when lit. Serato was the primary sponsor, securing & renting the venue for us. Without them, this event likely would have never happened. It truly was the perfect venue for the Los Angeles premiere. All 1,600 seats of the theater were sold that night and it featured an on-premise afterparty with some of the most legendary DJs of our time. Here is the original flyer:

The Ace Theater LA Premiere Flyer. The "special guests" that night were DJ Melo D of the World Famous Beat Junkies and A-Trak from Fools Gold Records

Before the party could start, we screened "As I AM: The Life & Time$ of DJ AM" for the first time in Los Angeles to a packed house of 1,600 friends, fans and family of AM. Here are a couple pics before we opened doors:

Adam's mother Andrea welcomed and thanked the crowd for coming to support the premiere prior to it starting.

After the film, writer/director Kevin Kerslake addressed the audience and we have a very brief Q&A before kicking off the afterparty. From left to right: editor Joel Marcus, co-producer & music consultant Kevin Scott, writer/director Kevin Kerslake, producer Robert Bruce and producer Dan Franklin

Since I was a co-producer on the film, and the only DJ among the film group, I was tasked with putting together the afterparty for the premiere. My primary goal with putting the talent together was to ask DJs that were, first and foremost, friends with AM but also highly skilled with differing styles from each other. Vice & AM were tight all through their LA days, Spider & Fashen were on Deckstar with Adam and the special guests were A-Trak & DJ Melo D, two guys who also had a close friendship with AM and really brought the turntablism front & center. The diverse styles among them also led to sets that really encompassed all of Adam's eclectic tastes in music. Here's some selected shots from the afterparty:

DJ Spider with Fashen on the mic & Jayceeoh chillin'

DJ Vice

Serato founder AJ Bertenshaw, co-producer Kevin Scott and Red Foo of LMFAO

Surprise Guest #1: DJ Melo-D of the World Famous Beat Junkies

Surprise guest #2: A-Trak

Here is A-Trak rocking doubles on Daft Punk's "Robot Rock":

Longtime AM friend Will.I.Am came out & supported

Editor Joel Marcus, writer/director Kevin Kerslake, Kevin Scott & DJ Scooter

My buddy Joseph Rangel also put together a recap video of the entire evening, check it out below:

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