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How I met AM
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Greg Johnson
Mar 31, 2019
Met him in Vegas at Pure when he opened for Z-Trip. Had no idea who he was but tbh it was super noticeable how he knew how to DJ for the crowd and when Z-Trip went on Z struggled hard. I was a fanboy and wanted Z to crush it, but he was outshined by Adam to an incredible amount. When I talked to Adam afterward he was so humble ... tbh I had no idea he'd become a superstar and the ultimate representative of good DJ'ing, he was just an opening DJ that was dope. The next time I was in Vegas he'd had a residency for Body English ... it was crazy busy. Shit tons of people trying to get in, way better looking people than me, but he put me on his guest list and I got to pass a hundred or so people and go right in, was super nice, especially since I'd only ever even talked to him previously for a couple of minutes. That night was super inspiring for me. Honestly, objectively I know that I'm one of the best rock DJ's now, but it all really started there. I'd been inspired by Uneasy Listening, and other DJ's previously that mashed genres, DJ Dan especially, but Adam had taken it to another level. I grew up a child on the East Coast as a b-boy during the beginnings of hip hop, raved when I was a teen in the early 90's at multi-thousand person parties, went to punk shows when Nirvana only had a home-dub cassette called Blew and Green Day didn't even have a cassette yet, and had never been so inspired as I was when watching Adam play 80's rock jams with current hip hop for glamorous VIP douchebags. People think that Uneasy Listening was the start of the mashup era, but really that was just something cool to listen to only for people already in the DJ game. Adam really was who brought forth the mashup era commercially. tbh I get pissed off reading shit about it having anything to do with Nicole Ritchie ... no one in Vegas knew who he was at that time. He was just crushing shit in ways no one else had before. I still have the flyer from Pure, you can barely read his name on it. He wasn't a big deal at all, but was doing innovative, incredibly big deal stuff musically. A fucking unbelievable inspiration. Music. Man, he was so passionate about music. He was the literal ideal of what every DJ should be.

Greg Johnson

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