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hevnz trash
Mar 31, 2019
In Share a DJ AM Memory
Some of my fondest memories were working with him in the clubs in Chicago. His rider called for two Technics 1210M5Gs. No one in Chicago rented them out. So, when he came through, I would rent my own personal tables to the club for him to use. I think about him every time I touch them in my home. My favorite memories were when he would first arrive and we would spend about 10 minutes or so talking music about new bands, artists, and songs we were into. We would compare playlists and exchange recommendations. I would bring a flash drive and he would load a bunch of new stuff onto it just for me. He got me into Does It Offend You, Yeah? and a ton of other Electro-Indie Dance Punk bands. I got the Welcome To The Jungle DJ Muggo remix and he gave me the Daft Punk: Alive album without the crowd noises in it. He would open the night with songs he thought I would like. And if the vibe got hype enough, I would just go fucking bananas pound my fists in the air, standing up on the counter of the dj booth. My managers would come to scold me and tell me to calm down but Adam always got in their faces and told them to chill the fuck out and let me do my thing. I know all we did was work together once a month but he really felt like a friend.

hevnz trash

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